When you are looking to replace your forklifts, you need to consider that the equipment you currently run is quite possibly not what you need for the future. Many years may have passed since you last acquired a forklift and circumstances will have undoubtedly changed. Here are some questions that you could ask yourself… [tab_nav type="six-up" float="left"][tab_nav_item title="Aren’t all forklifts the same?" active="true"][tab_nav_item title="Fuel Types" active=""][tab_nav_item title="How Many Will I Need?" active=""][tab_nav_item title="Should I buy, lease or hire?" active=""][tab_nav_item title="How can I reduce my costs?" active=""][tab_nav_item title="What happens if my circumstances change?" active=""][/tab_nav][tabs][tab active="true"] Most forklifts perform the same basic [...]

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