We’ve retained 100% of our customer-base, to date. Here’s are┬ájust a few reasons why…

99 % Uptime

With experience in maintaining in excess of 500 trucks we know that by ensuring regular service visits we can keep breakdowns and costs to a minimum.

Guaranteed Response Time

We guarantee to have an engineer on site within 4 working hours from the time a V.O.R. emergency breakdown is reported to us, with full truck identification details. If we fail to respond we will provide a rebate equal to one hours labour.

First Time Fix Rate

Our aim is to achieve a minimum 95% first time fix. If we fail to achieve this on two consecutive visits to the same truck, we will provide a rebate equal to one hours labour.

Courtesy Calls

We will regularly monitor the quality of product and aftercare you receive from us through regular calls from our customer support and sales teams.

Free Inspection
We offer to provide a free inspection on any of your trucks. Occasionally, we may also wish to call and audit the work undertaken by our own service engineers.

Truck Histories

We maintain a fully costed history of all jobs carried out on trucks maintained by us. This information is at your disposal.

Safety Equipment

All our service associates will attend your site appropriately attired, with overalls, safety boots, hard hats, safety glasses, hi-visibility vests and protective gloves.