Here’s a few reasons, why we’re not just your average forklift supplier…

FACT: We are totally objective.  Whilst we do have preferred suppliers we often supply other brands if we deem them more suitable to your operation.

FACT: We are focused on achieving customer satisfaction as opposed to reaching sales targets. That way we know business expansion and commercial success will follow.

FACT: We are able to source our parts competitively away from the manufacturer, so can ensure the best price at all times whilst maintaining quality.

FACT: We can give you flexibility in your contract if things change.

FACT: We are not sales people, we are the owners and investors in our business.  We have to get it right, we can make decisions and we can’t run away.

FACT: We have a very strong desire to be the very best in all that we do and we know we have the experience, knowledge and passion to ensure that we are.

FACT: We are easy to deal with.

FACT: We really do give a damn!