Well, to put it simply… us! And by this, we mean our people.

At 4K the key to our success has been a narrow ownership hierarchy.  This means that the person who manages your account is involved when you do the original deal. We expand our resource of people as our business expands.

But how is this different from anyone else?

Most MHE and Storage companies will send a salesman to negotiate the deal, then the order goes back into a factory, you deal with a customer services manager, and often that person will not ever visit the site.

Then you have the to deal, with a salesman, a contract manager and a service manager, as well as the engineer who looks after you, and often a service desk controller who you call when things go wrong.

With 4K, as far as you are concerned, you will deal with one of the owners and Directors of the business all the way through.

We call it the “one phone call mentality” where you have one phone number for anything you will ever need for your materials handling and storage operation, right from evolving the solution, processing the order, through to installation and commissioning of equipment, and during your ownership of it.

That same person will visit the site before, during and after installation, and having been involved in everything from the start, will have full visibility and power to sort problems out.  You never get stuck in call back trails through the company because the person stood in your warehouse or on the phone to you has full knowledge, ability and power to resolve problems for you.

We can’t run away from the business, and we don’t leave you with salespeople who might.