You may think that just because something is new or different, doesn’t mean it’s better. And quite often, you’d be right!

But not only is the use of multi-directional forklifts not a new idea, but the concept for the Combilift in particular can be traced back to the Moffett Mountie, one of the most popular ride-on forklifts in the UK.

It was seeing the success of the Mountie that prompted Combilift’s eventual designers to spring into action, making a truck that’s manoeuvrable and easy to operate, yet is able to cope with unwieldy loads, such as timber, glass and even salvaged cars.

For some businesses, like 4K customer Sanoh UK ltd, a creative solution is the most obvious requirement. Sanoh’s primary products are tubing and engine components for automobiles and other transportation equipment. The company was in need of materials handling equipment for their new factory which opened in May.

After the initial assessment 4K were able to suggest kit that would accurately reflect Sanoh’s business needs and really push the operation forward. 4K introduced cantilever racking and a refurbished Combilift truck, which competitors were quoting for new.

“Like all our customers, we looked at all the options,” said 4K’s David Scammell.

We’ve found that, in the right application, the Combilift multi-directional machine can offer huge operational and commercial benefits – in this case, twice the capacity, but half the number of trucks.” The Combilift range is designed to handle long-loads safely by eliminating the need to travel with elevated loads, the units provide greater stability and safer product handling.

The unique 4-way steering system allows the units to travel sideways with long loads resulting in less product damage, safer handling for staff and the potential to make considerable savings on space.”Unusual loads like long tubing bring their own particular challenge and making their handling easier, faster and safer is certainly possible with the Combilift.” Says David, “Clearly manoeuvrability is important, but you also need to be able to handle loads with care and accuracy, and of course you can have two trucks instead of one.”

“You also need good back up and support, which is one of our biggest strengths.”