Here are some important questions to bear in mind when choosing a forklift. Don’t forget, if you have any difficulties in answering these questions, we can help you find the right answers…

1. How can your current forklift fleet be better utilised?

2. Is there a forklift attachment that could improve your current productivity?

3. How can the right forklift reduce damage to the products or goods being moved?

4. Would an electric powered forklift have advantages over an engine powered lift truck?

5. What will the forklift be lifting or moving? How high? Load weight? Load centre?

6. What unit would be needed to reduce liability exposure?

7. Could a change in forklift help improve operator or site safety?

8. Will a forklift with minimum specifications affect maintenance costs or increase downtime?

9. Is there a forklift better suited to your operating conditions?

10. Can the forklift be slowed down for new operators until they become more familiar with the business operation?