The Survey

A member of our review team will conduct an initial survey of your materials handling processes. We’ll look at your whole operation, review what’s effective and what isn’t, and suggest the areas which could be made more efficient through new technology, training, better use of materials handling or simple procedural changes.

The Report

Within 14 days you will receive a materials handling report which will detail the results of our review, including specific procedural and equipment recommendations.

The Support

Having then discussed our initial findings with you, we will be happy to arrange;

– Additional support from experts in health and safety, manual handling, storage solutions or warehouse design

– Site visits to companies already utilising methods recommended for your operation

– Financial justification for any proposed new equipment, demonstrating cost reductions via improved performance

Since 1998, we have consistently identified annual savings of around 15% for companies in the same or similar industries. And remember,┬áthere’s no cost – or hidden charges! – for this materials handling review.