It’s our job to know all the options and to recommend new ways of doing what you do best. Equipment plays and important role in alot of what we do, but how many options do you really consider?

Each type of forklift, for example, offers a different power to fuel consumption ratio. There are also differences in size, noise, speed, emissions and average work cycles.

Although engine-powered trucks are generally thought to be more capable of handling tougher applications, the latest electric models have dramatically reduced the percieved productivity gap, and offer remarkable envionmental and safety features into the bargain.

How you re-fuel your machine may influence your decision making process, but never let it dictate the final outcome.

Switching from one type of fuel supply to another may prove less hassle than you think, that’s why we sugguest you keep an open mind and choose the right fuel source for your particular application.

The same applies to racking and storage.

There are several ways to open up your warehousing to make it more suitable, not only to the way you store, but access and handle your products.

We offer an impartial Needs Analysis to ascertain where you can improve and will provide our costed recommendations free of charge.

It’s not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but those most responsive to change.