Social Distancing Protection

  • Protect workers and customers
  • Highly effective vibrating or audible alerts
  • Rechargeable wristbands
  • Superb duty of care measures
  • Keep workers apart, define area capacity limits or restrict access to thoroughfares

People Distancing

In order to comply with social distancing guidance, Personal Unit alerts by sound and vibration when others approach. The safety range setting is available up to 5 metres. The battery is sufficient to cover 8-10 hour shifts.

Area Distancing

Area Unit detects Personal Unit when entering the safety range. It alerts if the number of people exceeds the preset threshold (1 to 5) to avoid any gathering in the same space. The safety range setting is available up to 30 metres.

Access Control

Access Control is a must-have feature for warehouses and factories. Area Unit connected with the external output device will allow access control by detecting the personal unit. The gate will open only when a single person is located near the gate. This function helps people not assemble at the time of work site entry.

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