Here at 4K we like to give you the full picture regarding your materials handling options. There are always tangible benefits to using one type of machine over another, and we regularly supply all manner of equipment. Here are some of the benefits of articulating forklifts over other common types of machine.

…Over Counterbalance

  • A Bendi can operate in smaller aisles, with better residual capacity and higher lift heights.
  • There’s less double handling (off the lorry, onto the rack)

…Over Reach Trucks

  • Bendis operate in smaller aisles; can go outside; are faster; and have better wheels for rough ground.
  • Reach trucks usually require counterbalance truck support and offer worse value for money.

…Over Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)

  • Lower cost (typical VNA start at £30k)
  • No guidance system or guide rails
  • VNA can’t work outside
  • VNA needs large transfer aisles, is slow and requires a truly flat floor
  • VNA operations vulnerable to breakdowns – less flexibility
  • VNA also needs reach truck or counterbalance support