“The modular approach has ensured that the solutions offered not only satisfied our immediate requirements, but also lend themselves to enable future expansion.” As one of the UK’s leading providers of food and wine gifts, Regency Hampers offers deluxe hampers and premium gifts to suit any occasion. As the business took off, they turned to 4K Systems to give them a first-class service.

When expanding into new premises, Regency Hampers approached 4K Systems for advice. By getting involved at an early stage, their business was able to take advantage of the wealth of logistics knowledge 4K offers.

With a growing reputation for excellence in the corporate hamper and home gifts sector, Regency Hampers found their expanding online presence meant a new location was rapidly becoming a necessity. “For a couple of years we were looking for the right space,” says managing director, Neil Perkin. “We had seen the business grow fast. After visiting another factory to look at the layout and racking they had, they recommended 4K Systems. That was a great recommendation for us and the start of great things.”

Once involved, 4K were able to come up with multiple solutions to Regency’s questions, but the answers did not, as it were, come straight off the shelf. “During the research phase, they invested a great deal of time and effort to understand our business and its objectives,” explains Neil, “before delivering a tailored solution designed to meet our exacting requirements.”

David Scammell worked alongside the business, influencing the relocation, as well as recommending the way the racking, chilled storage, picking and packing areas all interacted with each other. “Our aim for the business was to provide the flexibility to deal with seasonal fluctuations, give a clean, light and modern working area, as well as be ready for future expansion and development,” says David.

By mixing the type of equipment – both reach and articulating trucks are now in use – as well as making use of existing racking, the costs were also kept to a minimum.

From advising on a new unit, to designing the layout, installing the racking and integrating picking & chilled storage areas, 4K’s work
has made them a much valued, long-term business partner.

Liaising with the chilled storage unit manufacturer also enabled the unit to be built into a section of the racking, thereby reducing lost storage space and simplifying the picking process. “Drawing from their wide-ranging, industry specific knowledge has enabled Regency Hampers’ Management team to make important logistical decisions with a great deal of confidence,” says Neil.

“David listened to us carefully and created a solution that allowed easy picking and an overall more efficient system. He was very detailed in his planning, taking into consideration all of the products we use in our hampers, and assisting with installing industrial fridges for our chilled stock. With 4K Systems on board we all felt a higher degree of confidence in what we were doing and we trust in them 100%.”

With three picking stations, pallet racking installed to take maximum advantage of the space available, offices, and room for future expansion, Regency Hampers are able to respond to the run up to busy Christmas periods, which can begin for them as early as September. A full forklift service, also provided by 4K, also keeps business flowing.

Said David: “Forklifts are business critical and need to work well for the environment in which they operate. We recommended an articulating counterbalance to provide cover inside and out, whilst being mindful of the costs. It wasn’t necessary to have brand new trucks on site so we gave Neil the option of having perfectly good refurbished trucks. It’s about thinking about what the customer needs and what is best for them.”

With decades of experience in forklift , storage and forklift , 4K Systems is different in the way it works with customers to listen to their needs and requirements and provide expert advice based on what is effective. It’s not just about new equipment, and it’s not about trying to force a one-size-fits-all solution onto the customer – something which Regency Hampers, and Neil in particular, were very pleased with.

“Their forward-thinking, modular approach has ensured that the solutions offered not only satisfied our immediate requirements, but also lend themselves to enable future expansion, up to 20 percent, and allowing our business to adapt to its changing objectives quickly and cost-effectively.”

Experience also tells David that racking companies and materials handling equipment providers often fail to work together, and compatibility as well as communication often breaks down. It’s something 4K have been keen to overcome. “We have built a relationship where Neil knows he can trust us to come up with a solution,” adds David, “whatever the problem. We’re here to help.”

And as far as Neil and the Regency team are concerned, their continued relationship with 4K Systems is something they are keen to maintain. “Their in-depth knowledge combined with a professional, friendly and client-focussed approach has made them a much valued, long-term partner for our business,” concludes Neil. “They have never failed to impress. Consistently providing exceptional service and advice they have guided our business expertly during our relocation and expansion, taking on the project through every stage from concept to physical installation.”