Fantastic news…  our longest serving customer, Advanced Coated Products, has extend their service agreement taking us all the way into year TWENTY-TWO! We are, of course, honoured to have kept the ACP team happy all these years and look forward to a lot more years yet!

Les Brimfield – “We know they will deliver the right solution – they always have. Advanced Coated Products (ACP) is Europe’s leading specialist coater of paper and film, and their products, technology, market focus and innovative approach place them at the forefront of their industry.

In the early 1990’s, 4K Systems’ David Scammell began a partnership with ACP that, two decades on, shows no signs of waning.

A leader in its field, the Cheltenham-based business has been processing paper and film since 1942, and has been supplying silicone coated products since 1966.

Engineering & Site Services Manager, Les Brimfield, has seen changing tastes influence demand over the years, but the basics remain the same. “We manufacture silicone coated papers and films that will be used in many different applications, ranging from baking papers through to complex medical liners. There are very few markets that do not have a requirement for release liners at some point in their process.”

For over 20 years 4K has supplied the maintenance package for our fleet of over 20 pieces of materials handling equipment which has an average age of over 10 years. According to Les, they have always provided cost effective equipment for both materials handling and storage requirement, and more recently, has provided a Racking Safety Survey and lots of help and advice to ensure equipment is fit for purpose.

IMG_7812_smThe site is a busy operation and the whole team are very health and safety conscious. Not only are they working with heavy duty machinery and MHE equipment but they are also making products that will be used in the food sector, so even though they’re a step removed from food production, high hygiene standards are in effect.

David has worked closely with us to offer excellent advice and a unique forklift service solution that allows us to meet all onsite requirements, supplying us with everything we need from clamp trucks to power pallet trucks.

Les knows the benefit to 4K’s approach very well (a relationship which he describes as ‘excellent’). To be able to run equipment that is still up to the job over a decade on, means the right level of care and attention has been paid throughout its working life. “We have worked with 4K Systems for many years,” says Les, “and have a mutually beneficial relationship with them. In 1994 David sold us our first FMB25 and we are still using it today which is a testament to the quality of the machines and servicing 4K Systems provide. David has worked closely with us to offer excellent advice and a unique forklift service solution that allows us to meet all onsite requirements, supplying us with everything we need from clamp trucks to power pallet trucks.”

In an industry generally known for turning over its fair share of new equipment, 4K have bucked the trend by encouraging ACP to sweat their existing assets. “We are not adverse to supplying new equipment, of course we aren’t, but working together with a customer for the long-term means doing what’s right for their business. Les knows that if the equipment is still up to the job, we’re not going to recommend them replacing it.”

One innovation that has stood the test of time is a double-deep articulating counterbalance truck that David specified shortly after helping to fit out a new storage area with racking. “Such equipment is quite well accepted now,” says David, “but at the time it was fairly unknown. Happily, our relationship with ACP was such that they went with the recommendation and a decade on, the operators are still quick to jump on it.”

In fact, with 4K Systems tailoring their service to allow businesses like ACP to exploit new technologies, there have been a number of changes on site specifically intended to save costs. “We’ve specified damage reducing forks to powered pallet trucks, to help with roll handling, as well as fit new battery charging systems to save costs. Of course, staying on top of servicing and encouraging operators helps too,” adds David.

It’s also noticeable that there’s no overbearing brand allegiance that restricts a certain type of equipment from being added to the fleet. “We go on what is recommended to us, ” says Les, “and the kit that’s best for the job… at the best price.” And thanks to regular contact with Les, the 4K team still ensure that all the trucks are running smoothly and work hard to maintain the close working relationship that has built up over so many years. “4K are very easy to deal with,” says Les.

“David listens to what I need; he focuses on my requirements and offers a specialist service focussed wholly around us. He understands the busy working environment and the fast pace we work at.” It’s an agreement that Les believes will continue long into the future.

Concludes Les: “We work well together. 4K Systems has gave us so many options and spoke us through different equipment. Having an open, trusting relationship takes some of the stress off of us because I know I can trust that they will deliver the right solution; they always have.”