Narrow Minded

Compact, powerful, stable, man-up VNA machines are popular in pure warehousing operations where machines that can handle inside and out are not required.

For many years these were the only way to reduce aisle width to below 2m.

Once out of the guided area (see below) these machines can be large and cumbersome needing in excess of 4m to turn between aisles so bear this in mind when working out your usable area.

Heavy Plant

Fact 1

Consider how you are planning to unload delivery vehicles as these machines are very heavy, have small hard wheels and are not suitable for external use.

Floor Strength

Fact 2

The quality of your floor is very important both strength and levelness. These machines are very heavy and a small deviation on floor levelness may will be multiplied by a factor of 10 or more at full lift height.

Fixed Path

Fact 3

Fixed path machines require a guidance system to keep them straight and true when travelling. The options are some type of fixed path metal guides rails or wire guidance system imbedded in the flooring.

Pallet Overhang

Fact 4

Pallet overhang can be a major issue in a guided VNA application. There is limited clearances so even a 25mm product overhand can be a problem as this can add up to 100mm with the pallet being carried and the two either side in the racking.

Do We Have a Winner?

So which machine is best for your operation?

You may have a personal preference but there are a few key deciding factors we use.

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