[pullquote cite=”HM Revenue and Customs, UK Trade Info 2012, February 2013″ type=”left, right”] As well as providing new medicines for many diseases, the pharmaceutical industry makes a substantial contribution to the British economy, providing income, employment and major investment. The pharmaceutical sector has, over the past decade, consistently generated a large trade surplus for the UK – at £5 billion per annum, it is greater than any other industrial sector in the UK.[/pullquote]

We’ve been delighted to be involved in developing picking operations, materials handling solutions and storage operations for a number of Pharmaceutical businesses in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is booming in the South West and new factory builds appear to be springing up with refreshing regularity.

A new £8m factory which we recently became involved in was responding to new technology, making it possible to do faster simple procedures such as water testing, and improving the ways medicines are administered.

We looked at their forklift and storage capacities, as well as their likely future requirements, to provide an integrated MHE solution that would meet their exacting standards.

Backed up with excellent quality engineering service work, and the ability to supplement their fleet with low cost forklift short term hire at any time, meant the company was able to hit the ground running.