Owen Mumford have just taken delivery of a new Doosan BC30S-5. This was to solve a site problem in that they needed 3,000kgs to handle machine dyes for their new manufacturing site in Chipping Norton.

Established in 1952 by Ivan Owen and John Mumford, Owen Mumford is now an industry leader in the medical device market with offices, manufacturing sites and a network of distributors around the globe.  Sixty years on, Owen Mumford remains a family owned business, keen to retain a family atmosphere whilst continuing to grow.

doosan-bc30sTheir old truck was too big to fit in to  the air lock doors and also to tall get through a door in the factory. The answer was a compact electric which was fitted with a high capacity battery, 3 phase charger, full cab, full road lights and driver access key pad.

Owen Mumford recognise good work when they see it. Their insulin delivery pens have proved incredibly popular with type 1 diabetes sufferers. The ‘fountain pen’ cartridge-based system and are simple, easy to use and reliable. The sleek, compact design makes them convenient to carry and operate. The ergonomically positioned, side-release button is gently pressed and held to deliver the insulin dose.